6 Of The Best Weekend Ideas In Colorado Springs With McCloskey Motors!

The weekends are for you and your family. So, take the guess work out of your weekend plans and check out these awesome weekend ideas for you and the entire family!  #1 Garden of the Gods  It’s clear to most why this national landmark is such a fun place to visit. However, to those unfamiliar […]

Tips For The Best Car Buying Experience Easter Weekend!

This year, Easter falls on the “eggs-act” right time of year this year! The end of the month is a great time to buy a car. Not only are most lenders more willing to make a great deal but so are most car dealers.  1. Do Some Research First of all, if you’re not sure […]

Presidents Day at McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

Why we celebrate Presidents Day  Did you know that Presidents Day started out as day to celebrate George Washington’s birthday? Then over time it has absorbed Abraham Lincoln’s, and eventually became a day to honor all who have taken the office of the presidency.   Modern Presidents Day  According to recent studies, Presidents Day has really become […]

CIADA Donates $39,750.00 to the Remount Foundation! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

CIADA Donates to Remount Foundation.  The CIADA raised over 39,000.00 dollars for the Remount Foundation. This awesome program assists combat-injured veterans to calm nerves and improve one’s quality of life. The beauty of the natural environment connection of caring people and the intrinsic nature of the horse all contribute to healing. Equines desire and seek connection […]

5 New years car resolutions! From McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs

2018 is here! That means everyone is ready to make some changes. And if there is nothing in your mind for a year-long change, then you’re in luck we have formulated 6 good car care tips for 2018! This may seem silly to some, but if you think about it your car is what takes […]

Happy Holidays! From McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

Happy Holidays!  As 2017 is winding down we here at McCloskey Motors are looking back at everything we have accomplished this year! And we couldn’t have made any of it possible without the help of our awesome staff and of course our loyal customers.  Thank You So thank you to anyone that came and made […]

Small Business Saturday! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

The History  Thanksgiving has come and gone, now its time for the holidays! Including Small Business Saturday. This was originally started in 2010 to be the counterpart to the Black Friday shopping at big box stores. This awesome holiday was designed to help put the holiday season money back into the community rather than to […]

Halloween Haunted Houses in Colorado Springs!

Happy Halloween  Hello, are you trying to plan a true night of fright and horror in the Colorado Springs Area for Halloween? Then we here at McCloskey Motors have you covered in this article we are going to tell you all the haunted houses to see this year!  Haunted Mines First, we will start with my […]