5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas With McCloskey Motors In Colorado Springs!

The holiday season is in full swing after the weekend! It can be tough to think of good gift ideas for the car person in your family, so to make it easy here are our 5 favorite car based gift ideas! 

1. Gift Certificates 

A gift certificate is a great gift because it allows people to get the things they need without spending money out of pocket. This can be very true when it comes to car repairs and maintenance! So, a great gift idea is a gift certificate to the McCloskey Motors service or detail department for repairs, service, and detailing, or paint touch up! 

2. Key Finder 

A lot of people lose the things that are important to everyday life, but none can compare to the true fear of losing your car keys.   It can cause you to be very late to somewhere you were planning on being. Also, it can add some fear too if your car is safe, and in most cases, your house as your house keys are normally attached to your car keys! A key finder is a great gift for people like this, it helps to find your keys and other important items when you have no clue where to look! 

3. Car-Seat Warmer 

Many cars come with heated seats now, but if yours does not then a portable seat heater is a great gift! In most cases, they plug into the cigar lighter and warm the seat up in a matter of minutes making your morning commute not seem so cold!  This can also help people with leather seats that aren’t heated, as many know who have this even when the car is warm sometimes the seats don’t warm up and this will help to fix the issue!

4. Tire Inflator 

Have you ever been out somewhere and had a flat tire? Most people have and in the ice and snow changing that tire can seem like a crazy task, with a lot of bumps and stumbles along the way. But what if you could just plug in a tire inflator and put enough air in to get the car to the closest garage? Sounds nice, right? Well,  with this awesome gift it can be just that easy! In most cases, the tire will hold air long enough to get to a service shop like McCloskey’s All Make Service Center! This can be a time-saver in the ice and snow! 

5. Driving Gloves 

In the winter you want to be bundled up so you aren’t freezing! Well, when driving and holding a steering wheel in gloves you are going to need grip! That means leather driving gloves can be a big benefit as they provide warmth and grip at the same time! 


Thank you for taking the time to read this awesome blog about holiday gift ideas! If you like the idea of a holiday Gift Certificate form McCloskey Motors come on down or call anytime with any questions you may have! Be sure to stay locked on this blog for more awesome content every week! 

November 26, 2018