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How To Make Car Buying Not Scary! From McCloskey Motors In Colorado Springs.

It’s no secret that people don’t enjoy car shopping! But in this blog, we are going to give you some tips on how to make car buying not scary, and dare we say enjoyable! 

Come in prepared and informed

The first hurdle in car shopping is deciding what car you are interested in, and what you plan to spend. Knowing these two things make the process faster as well as give you a great starting point for what cars you would like to see. In addition, doing so can help you avoid spending more than you wanted because you were unsure of your criteria and price point! 

Picking the right dealership 

Being confident that you are in the right place is important! You want to ensure that you are visiting a dealership that is credible and reliable!  While buy-here-pay-here lots are easy to find in most cases, you want to visit an established dealership that will still be around when you need them! Also,  McCloskey Motors was awarded the BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award which can speak a lot for the type of experience to expect when walking through our doors! 

Finally, Check online reviews

It is important to remember that just because somewhere has a great vehicle selection, it doesn’t always mean they treat their customers well. So check online reviews on Google, DealerRater, or CarGurus before visiting one of these places! And if you see a lot of impressive reviews than clearly, that is the place to go! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please be sure to check back weekly for new content! And if you are in the need of a non-scary car buying experience look no further than McCloskey Motors with hundreds of positive reviews, many prestigious awards, and great selection. We are your one stop shop for Car Buying, Car Detailing, and Automotive Service!   

October 24, 2018