The Acker Family And The Story Behind This Amazing Truck Restoration At McCloskey Motors!

We here at McCloskey Motors had the great honor and privilege of getting to restore their beautiful 1972 Chevrolet C20. This was truly a labor of love, for not only the family but also us here at McCloskey Motors! The picture below is the truck sitting on the Ackers’ property before coming into McCloskey Motors, and the one below that is what the truck looked like on the day they picked up!  


The Story 

The Acker family purchased this beautiful 1972 Chevrolet C20 on June 5th of 1972 in New Haven, Indiana. They packed everything into this truck and headed for Colorado, following in the family footsteps. They brought it in with concerns of overheating and vapor-locking. The McCloskey Motors team went top-to-bottom on this truck to make sure it ran like a new vehicle. The restoration included adding electric cooling fans, an Electric Fuel Pump, and many other new components to make this truck run to its former glory.  We also had our paint and detail department work on fixing rock-chips, minor blemishes, and re-painting the hood, wheels, and bumpers. 

To say the Ackers were over the moon is an understatement. Watching this happening live just may bring a tear to your eye. Click the link to watch this video of the truck unveiling and going through what all we did.  


July 3, 2018