6 Of The Best Weekend Ideas In Colorado Springs With McCloskey Motors!

The weekends are for you and your family. So, take the guess work out of your weekend plans and check out these awesome weekend ideas for you and the entire family! 

#1 Garden of the Gods 

It’s clear to most why this national landmark is such a fun place to visit. However, to those unfamiliar with the area, these incredible red rock formations look as if they were carved by the gods themselves! You can choose to explore this awesome park either on foot, bike, or the visitors center offers guided Jeep, segway, and van tours as well! One of the best parts is that with no entry fee to explore the park it’s a great and cost effective family fun idea! We would recommend allowing yourself a minimum of a few hours here to really take in the whole experience. There is such an abundance of things to explore, so be sure not to miss anything! 

#2 Pikes Peak 

America’s Mountain- that is truly all that has to be said about this one! Towering 8,000 feet above our great city sits the mountain that people have flocked here to see since the early 19th century! Gold brought most of the original pioneers here, but this mountain’s natural beauty gave them something to stay for! This Mountain inspired the amazing song “America the Beautiful”. Now the the historic slogan “Pikes Peak or Bust,” now applies to tourists from far and wide, who come see this awesome treasure!  You can either hike the amazing mountain or ride the historic Cog railway to the amazing doughnut and coffee shop at the top, taking in incredible scenery as you go! If driving or taking the train, we would suggest allowing a half day to full day here!

#3 Manitou Springs 

Unlike its much larger neighbor (Colorado Springs,) this small town in the rocky mountain foothills has rejected urbanization. Instead , Manitou Springs- now a National Historic District- is still an unchanged  hippie-era haven filled with art, culture, and outdoor attractions! It is definitely a fun place to spend some of your weekend!  The best plan of attack for this town is to spend a half day there walking around exploring and stretching your legs, and maybe your dogs legs on some of the nearby trails! For entertainment that suits the whole family, Manitou is also home to retro penny arcade, nestled between a variety of locally-owned shops!

#4 United States Olympic Training Center 

The flagship training center for the U.S Olympic Team is right here in Colorado Springs. We are also the active headquarters for the U.S Olympic Committee. This massive 35-acre complex houses two Olympic size swimming pools, plus practice facilities for a variety of different events.  Besides the athletes here training, the center welcomes about 130,000 people each year, and offers 16 guided tours a day in the summer! While you’re here don’t forget to check out the Hall of Fame honoring some of the most amazing athletes in U.S Olympic history!  You can visit the Hall of Fame on your own but we suggest tagging along for one of the free tours!   

#5 Red Rock Canyon

Arizona and Utah aren’t the only ones with rosy rocks! Here in Colorado Springs, you don’t have to go far to see these gorgeous landmarks from a hiking or biking trail! Red Rock Canyon has increased the areas scenic landscape since 1700 B.C in the 1800’s. With historical roots, the desert landscape was used to refine the ore that came from the gold mines in nearby Cripple Creek. In the 20th century, Red Rock Canyon was owned by the Bock family who planned to turn the land into a vacation haven complete with Resort and Golf Course. However, in 2003 , the City of Colorado Springs bought the land and used its striking red cliffs to expand our hiking and biking trails! They even have two off-leash dog trails to include your four-legged family! 

#6 McCloskey Motors 

For the people that have car shopping on their list, there is no better place to visit for a quality used car! We have great people, great selections, and a great atmosphere, all to ensure that you have the best car-buying experience in Colorado Springs! Be sure to get here today, and we will do what we can to find you the best deal possible. Thanks for reading, we hope these ideas help make your weekend that much better!  Be sure to check back for more! 



April 10, 2018