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How to start a diesel engine! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

How to start a diesel engine 

Most people may think that you can start a diesel engine the same way you can start any other engine, but this isn’t true a diesel engine has glow plug’s which need to be warmed before they can be started. 

What damage could this cause 

If you choose not to let your glow plugs warm up there is a possibility that there could be damage to the emissions system if the combustion chambers aren’t warm sufficiently. Therefore the positive side of letting the glow plug’s warm-up is a cleaner fuel burn and the vehicle will idle more smoothly.  

The Video 

Now that you have all that information. Tune in as Jamie here at McCloskey Motors goes through a couple of vehicles to show what to look for when starting.  He has 3 vehicles to show how to start one is a very custom and sleek 1999 Ford F-250, next there is the Volkswagen Golf TDI, Last but not least we have a RARE 2010 Ford F-250 with a manual transmission and diesel engine. As always if you like this video or any of the content on this blog please give us a like of social media for more exciting content! 

How to start a diesel engine with McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

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December 9, 2017