How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For Winter!

How to get your vehicle ready for winter! 

With the weather beginning to change here in the front range, we at McCloskey Motors think it’s important to get your car fully prepared for everything Colorado Winter can throw at it!


The first thing to do is to change your oil. This is something that you should always do but in winter this is critical. Check the owners manual for your vehicle but, generally,  in winter you want to use a thinner oil.  Of course, after the oil,  you want to check the ratio of your engine’s coolant. In normal weather, you would use a 50/50 ratio of coolant but in winter you want to use 60/40.    


We also recommend checking your car’s battery. Your engine needs more current for the battery to start in cold weather. An easy way to check your battery is by turning on your headlights before you start the engine. Then turn your engine on if the lights get brighter your battery may be dying.  Also, you will want to change your washer fluid and wiper blades. Be sure to buy a good washer fluid with antifreeze solution, regular fluid won’t cut it in the freezing temperature.  


Lastly, you need to check your defrost and heater. It’s better to make these repairs before it’s -10 degrees out and you have no heat.  Always check your tires, because when the cold weather comes you will lose some pressure from your tires if they are not inflated to their cold weather load.  Most importantly you need to check you 4 wheel drive system and be sure you know how to use it. You should also always keep your gas tank as close to full as you can create condensation inside the tank and that water can get in your gas and trash your engine.  

Those are the ways we recommend you get your car ready for winter. On top of what has listed above, you should always have an ice scraper and emergency kit in the car. As you will never want to be anywhere with out these items. And of course, if you need help with any of these proactive items be sure to come see the McCloskey All Make Service. 

September 5, 2017