Customer Appreciation Award! For July 2017!

It’s time for another appreciation award! Join us for a fun visit July 2017! 

Happy Saturday everyone! It has been a great week this week for us at McCloskey Motors. We had the great honor of presenting our second ever customer appreciation award!  This month it goes to the Musser Family! Congratulations you guys! We are so glad to be able to serve you for so many repeated years!

This months award ceremony was very special as we took the award Dean Musser and family at his work! And he was very excited  to see us there and as an added bonus his parents flew in to town on the same day! So in the McCloskey Motors spirit we figured lets have his parents present him with the award! This clearly very exciting cause he had no idea! Make sure you check out our video below to see how cool this award is to receive! 

August 19, 2017