Colorado Springs 4th Annual Airstrip Attack!

 Here in Colorado Springs we are no stranger to extreme car races taking place on our streets most notably the Pike Peak International Hill Climb. But What about a load of super cars and extremely modified cars ripping up pavement at our airport! That is right ladies and gentleman the fourth annual Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack if here! First of all what is the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack? It is a half mile side by side roll race and trap speed competition. Featuring some of the fastest stock and modified street cars from around the world. You may be thinking “the fastest cars? come on now.” But just to prove my point here is a list of what to expect on the track. 25 Chevrolet Corvettes, 20 Nissan GT-R, 15 Ford Mustangs (multi-variations), 10 Lamborghini Gallardo, 10 Chevrolet Camaro’s, 10 Cadillac CTS-V, 9 Porsche 911 ( Multi-variations), 6 Dodge Vipers, 4 Dodge Hellcats (multi-variations), 3 Lamborghini Huracan, 3 Mitsubishi Evolution, 2 Toyota Supra’s.

     That is a lot of very cool cars but those aren’t even the coolest ones. The most notable exotics participating in this event are a Ford GT, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 918, McLaren 650S and MP4-12C, and of course the Maserati GranTurismo. Where can these beast’s be found? The Colorado Springs Airport is pleased again to provide the venue for this adrenaline fueled day of family fun, and what better way to spend fathers day then watching some incredible cars reach some amazing speeds. This event is known as the biggest automotive half miles racing event in the world. Offering one hundred and seventy unique competitors all with an average of 850 horsepower. New world records were set, broken and rest as the fastest street cars in the world compete for title of King of The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack. 
    In 2017, Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack will be even more record shattering as they introduce a new event layout and expand their live streaming for faraway enthusiast, and they have brought out the biggest name in the industry to compete in the largest stop and venue in the 2017 Airstrip Attack season. Ryan Randels, co-founder of Revvolutions Shift – s3ctor, says ” With a completely new, much lager spectator layout, a more refined competition structure and new world records looking to be set, this year is gearing up to the biggest most impressive event yet.” Make sure you come down to the Colorado Springs Airport June 17th and 18th to see these incredible cars and men do some truly ground breaking stuff and reach speeds once only thought to be imaginary. Tickets can be found at general admission is $20 For a single day and kids 12 and under are 50% off and kids under 3 are Free! VIP Tickets are also available for $65 a day and it includes covered VIP area with premium viewing, VIP Parking, catered continental breakfast and lunch, and free beer courtesy of Budweiser. So be sure to get out and see this one of a kind Colorado Springs event! 
June 15, 2017