Check Out The Newest Edition Of The McClosky Motivational Minute!

If you haven’t yet heard we have a show every Monday and Friday at 3:03 PM! It is a show just focused on motivation and making someone’s day better! Below is this weeks edition we are talking about Unexpected Things Happen! In life, unexpected things happen! And sometimes they happen a lot! No matter the […]

Check Out The Latest Episode Of The McCloskey Motivational Minute!

If you don’t already know we here at McCloskey Motors have a weekly show called the McCloskey Motivational Minute. We hold this show on Monday and Friday at 3:03 PM! It is full of awesome motivation, reminders, and even sometimes just a smile! Either way, we are always trying the brighten the start of someone’s […]

Stop And Smell The Flowers

Join Jamie in talking about the importance of stopping to smell the flowers! In life, we get to busy to enjoy the spoils of our hard work or stop to smell the flowers! | 719-434-4454 | ▶️ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Check this out!!! ⤵️ In life, we can get so wrapped up in our […]

Be Brilliant At The Basics From McCloskey Motors!

A lot of times when we do something a lot we create habits or shortcuts, rather than focusing on being brilliant at the basics! Tune in and see why it is important! | 719-434-4454 | ▶️ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Check this out!!! ⤵️ Thank you for joining us for the McCloskey Motivational Minute we […]

Did you see the McCloskey Motivational Minute for Monday? Catch it here!

Don’t miss the positive vibe we have here at McCloskey Motors! Today we are talking about your time! And how important your time is, you can replace money and other objects. But you can not replace your time, so be sure to use it wisely and be sure to watch the latest episode of the McCloskey Motivational Minute!  — […]

Did You See The New Episode Of The McCloskey Motor Motivational Minute? See It Below!

Yesterday we aired the second ever McCloskey Motors Motivational Minute! The message was to remember to smile! When you smile your whole attitude and mentality can change instantly. Tune in for this short video with Mike Phillips in Colorado Springs for some awesome Monday motivation!  And if you like the video please remember to like […]