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When it comes to buying a vehicle, the decision can be overwhelming. Do you opt for a new car or go for a used one? At McCloskey Motors, we believe buying a used car offers several benefits that may make it the better choice for many consumers. As a leading Used Car Dealer and Truck Dealer in our region, we provide a variety of services that make purchasing a used car not just a viable option, but often a preferable one.

Quality Selection at McCloskey Motors

Financing and Warranty Options

Additional Services


At McCloskey Motors, we pride ourselves on being more than just a Used Truck Dealer or Used Car Dealer. We are a full-service automotive destination offering financing, warranty, repair, detailing, and body shop services. With the variety of quality vehicles and the comprehensive care and support we offer, buying a used car from McCloskey Motors can be an excellent decision for many drivers. Visit us today and explore the possibilities that suit your needs and budget!

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