Exciting Times! The Next Sportscar Race.

Exciting times in the automotive industry,  seems like we are in another sportscar race and we can sure hope so! With years and years of practical vehicles, it has seemed that the enthusiasts have been left out, not even just the consumers that want something fun.  Well thankfully it has seemed that brands like Toyota, Nissan, and Ford 

Toyota has taken the crown with its unveiling of the new GR Corolla. 


Boasting a 300-hp three-cylinder WRC motor and all-wheel drive this seems to be the revitalization of the hot hatch idea, lets’s just hope it sticks.  We haven’t seen something this new to the AWD game since the release of the WRX STI in my opinion.  The engineers at Toyota first made this idea while reverse engineering their WRC GR Yaris with the mindset of taking a racecar and making it road legal, sadly this Yaris is only made for the Japanese market, Toyota noticed how loved the GR Yaris was loved here in the States so they made the US release with the use of the new Corolla Hatch shell.  Toyota has been releasing great sporty options like the GR Supra and GR86 if you are looking for an FR platform.

The GR Supra RZ is a trim of the new A90 that was released earlier this year that includes a 3L Turbo inline 6 that is closer in heritage to the A80.  Toyota has been on it when it comes to the vehicles they have been producing, speaking of heritage, nothing in my mind is more iconic like a front motor rear wheel drive designed vehicle that features the two numbers 8 and 6. The GR86 is one of my favorite recent releases this year.  Sharing the idea of an AE86 with taking design notes from the GT86 the GR86 was made and it is a perfect 4-cylinder sports car in my opinion, with a sloped back and aggressive front,  you can get much better than that,  but you can with a 6-speed manual transmission

Can’t get better than this can it, well it can with Nissan releasing the 400z.  Talk about perfection.

I saw the prototype of the Z at PPIR and I could not take my eyes off of it.  Personally Being a huge Nissan head myself the idea of a new sporty entry from Nissan made me super excited about the future of the JDM/USDM automotive industry.

But that’s not all just recently Ford removed the batteries from the Mustang and released a 7th rendition of the beloved Mustang with a 5.0 V8. Let’s just say I’m glad that Ford has kept us on the map of new unveilings with something that will in my opinion go down in the history books.  With aggressive futuristic styling, I Think this design is probably going to be one of my favorite mustang styles. Hopefully, the other manufacturers will release a new rendition of an old classic! And who knows we might be on the cusp of another huge release of fun cars that return to the idea of the driving experience!  

September 23, 2022