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If you don’t already know we here at McCloskey Motors have a weekly show called the McCloskey Motivational Minute. We hold this show on Monday and Friday at 3:03 PM! It is full of awesome motivation, reminders, and even sometimes just a smile! Either way, we are always trying the brighten the start of someone’s week and the end!

Be a reason for someone to smile this beautiful Monday! We have been doing this show for a while now and have yet to spread the message of smiling and the power it has! As people, we have a great power to make people smile or at least we can give people a reason to smile! | 719-434-4454 |

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It could be a nice comment, a funny face, or even a joke you have been holding in for months! However, you do it this week be a reason for someone to smile! Have a great week and a great day! Be sure to like and subscribe!

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May 16, 2019