Congrats To All Of Our April 2019 Award Winners!

It is that time of the month again when we reward the hard work of our team with our monthly awards ceremony! We would like to take the time to recognize some of our outstanding performers!

1. Cody Stovall- North Store Salesperson of the Month

Cody was awarded the Imports and 4×4’s Salesperson of the month for April 2019 with 11.5 cars sold! He earned this award because of his diligence, dedication, and commitment to his customers!

2. Patrick Spall- South Store Salesperson of the Month!

Next up we have Mr. Patrick Spall, who earned this amazing award for the 19th time! He was responsible for selling 21 cars. This was achieved through his amazing work ethic, attention to his guests, and the joy that this man gives off, which is nothing short of awesome!

3. Becca Lance – Top Producing BDR for the Month!

Becca Lance was named the Top Producing BDR for the month of April 2019. She was responsible for 83 appointments shown and 22 vehicles sold! Becca contributes her success to her hard work, determination, amazing work ethic, and people skills!

4. Lindsey Tyboroski- Service Star

Lindsey was responsible for setting 192 appointments for our service center! She has proven to be a great asset to the McCloskey Motors Family and our customers. With her years of experience, there is no better person to call for your automotive service needs than Lindsey! She is always willing to step in and help, and she is there any time that we need her!

5. Ben Elliot- Top Technician at Joes Car and Truck!

Next in the line-up is Ben Elliot! He actually earned two awards this month; he received The Top Producing Technician award and the Top Performing Technician for the month of April! Ben is a great tech and works very hard to ensure that he has identified the right solution for our customers!

6. Mike Lester- Outstanding Achievement

Mike Lester is a newer addition to the team at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair, but in his very first month here he was able to reach just below Ben Elliot in productivity! This is a huge accomplishment and we felt like it needed to be recognized!

7. Drew McIllwain- Top Producing Tech All Make Service Center

Once again, Drew was awarded the Top Producer award! To be honest, we have lost count of how many times Drew has won this award! He is a very hard worker, and is dedicated to our customers and their vehicles’ well-being!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and recognized our top producers! Be sure to check back weekly for more awesome content. And “Like” and “Subscribe” to our YouTube Channel!

May 14, 2019