Things To Know Before Buying Your Next Used Vehicle!

Buying a vehicle is something people only do when they have to! So, it can be hard to know how to or where to start the process. Below are great ways to start your vehicle buying journey and some tips to make is easy and hassle-free.

1. Set a reasonable budget

When you start looking at vehicles most people only consider the monthly payment on the vehicle. They do not consider the insurance payment, maintenance fees, and other costs associated with owning the specific vehicle. Be sure you establish a firm budget, including the expenses listed above.

2. Take a test drive

After finding a few vehicles you like and can afford the next step it to compare them. Be sure to see and test drive each option so you know how they feel, handle, and perform. If you have multiple vehicles in mind be sure to test drive them all the same day to make comparing them easier.

3. Make a Down Payment

In some cases buying a vehicle doesn’t require a down payment, however making one is always a good idea. With a down payment you don’t have to finance as much money and your monthly payment will typically be lower. ( For reference: every $1,000 you put down will lower your payment buy about $20 monthly.)

4. Get the data

When buying a used vehicle you should be sure to do your research on vehicles in the area with the same features to better understand the price to look for on a specific vehicle. Also, be sure to obtain a Carfax, or AutoCheck vehicle history report to better understand the history and condition of the vehicle.

5. Close the deal

After doing all of the research, you now know what it is you want to buy, you have obtained financing. It is time to set up your deal, remember that your the one making the payments and owning the car so be sure you understand everything you sign and if you need have the salesperson to slow down just ask.

With all of the tips listed above you should have a pretty good idea of where to start your search. If you need more help we are more than happy to assist! Call us anytime at 719-434-4454 or visit any of our Colorado Springs locations! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, be sure to check back weekly for more awesome content.

April 1, 2019