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How To Jump-Start A Motorcycle! From McCloskey Motors!

There are a few things in life you should know! One thing is how to jump-start a motorcycle. So please watch this awesome video on how to jump-start a motorcycle, and read our blog below about the steps required to do so!

1. Locate your battery

The first step to any successful jump-starting is to locate the battery. In most bikes, it will be under the seat. But, for the one shown above, it was located on the side behind a piece of plastic. To expose the battery either remove the piece of plastic or the seat with a couple of screws.

2. Connect Battery

After you have exposed the battery you will need to connect the jumper cables to the battery. This is done the same way as a car, with positive to positive and negative to negative.

3. Start it up

Now that you have completed all of the steps above, you are ready to go. Just push the starter and get on your way! This is only one way to start a motorcycle with a dead battery. There are other ways not discussed in this article, so please try this and see if it helps you to start your bike!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and we hope it helped you. If you want to see more awesome content be sure to come back for new content added weekly. And remember that here at McCloskey Motors we have over 300 vehicles in stock that are sure to fit your needs, so come see your next car today!

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February 5, 2019