2018 McCloskey Sales Department Employees Of The Year!

To start off we have the 2018 Top Producers for the Truck Town and Imports and 4×4’s sales departments. First you have Denver Koeber with 106 units sold last year at the Imports location!

Next up with two prestigious awards is Mr. Patrick Spall whom sold 166 vehicles from our Truck Town location! For this tremendous achievement he was also awarded The Company Wide Sales Person of the Year!

Next on the list of awards is Erica Wretlind whom was the BDC Top Producer with 963 appointments set and was responsible for 249 sold units in 2018!

Next we have Mike Phillips whom was named the Company Wide Employee of the Year! This is a great honor and a job well done by Mike this year!

The McCloskey Motors MVP award was given to Thomas Kelly for his outstanding attitude and willingness to help when it is needed and even when it isn’t.

The McCloskey Winners Circle of Excellence Award goes to Josh Gunter for being reliable dependable and always there to teach when needed.

The 2018 Most Improved Award goes to Jessica Stacey. She was promoted into finance earlier this year and had excelled at her position since her start!

Now on to the Departmental Employees of the year:

For Admin: Kaylee Hill

For Truck Town: Patrick Spall

Imports and 4×4’s: John Rotola

And lastly for the BDC: Jamie Schroeder

The last person we would like to recognize is a man that needs no introduction and is always here to help and do what is needed

The McCloskey Outstanding Team Player Brandon Schildt.

It was a great in 2018 and we would like to thank all of our outstanding co-worker for a job well-done! 2019 is going to be a great year for more great things at McCloskey Motors be sure to check back every week for more awesome blog content!

January 14, 2019