Exciting News From McCloskey Motors In Colorado Springs MUSA Leasing Now Available!

New and awesome things are always happening in the auto industry and now it has happened right here at your hometown used car headquarters! Now you have the amazing option of leasing a used vehicle! We at McCloskey Motors are one of very few that are able to offer you this amazing option read more to see why leasing may be the best option for you! 


Leasing gives you the customer the ability to get a newer vehicle every three to four years and not have to have a fear of being upside down. Actually, 90% of car buyers don’t carry their auto loan to the full term leaving money to be paid by you the consumer. 

Pros and Cons 

You may be wondering what are the pros and cons of leasing? Well, the pros far outweigh the cons in our eyes! 

  1. Colorado is one of the best states to lease based on our more relaxed tax laws. Meaning rather than paying the tax on the whole dollar amount purchased your paying tax on the payment amount. 
  2. You can get a newer vehicle every three to four years and not roll a lot of negative equity. 
  3. Shorter loan terms mean you have a lower mileage vehicle and less risk of having a mechanical breakdown and the cost that goes along with them. 
  4. And if you are self-employed you can even get a tax break for leasing.

Still, need to know more? 

If all the stuff above doesn’t get you excited about used vehicle leasing than be sure to come in a speak with our product specialist for more information. Or call us any time at 719-434-4454!  


August 1, 2018