Earth Day Car Tips From McCloskey Motors In Colorado Springs!

About Earth Day 

Some people may not know but Earth Day was created in the 1970’s, with the idea to “bring 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations of environmental reform.” It has since evolved into a day where people come together to discuss how to change the impact that humans have on the environment! So, in the spirit of this event, we wanted to take some time to give some tips on how to drive your car a little greener! 

Gas Savings Tips 

You may be asking yourself “how can I save gas more efficiently?”  Well, challenge yourself to become a different driver by changing your driving style and focusing on the long-term savings.  Here’s how to do it! 

Accelerate gradually– if you anticipate when you are going to need to accelerate and do so in a slow and controlled manner you can save yourself up to 20%. 

Anticipate stops- Learning to anticipate your stopping and braking can drastically reduce the amount of gas you burn. Braking suddenly can force you to use more fuel to get the vehicle back to speed. 

Organize your trips- Why drive your car two or three times when you could schedule all your errands into one trip, and not need to go out multiple times? This not only cuts down on the amount of gas you use but it can also free up more of your time to do the things you want to do! 

Stop speeding- Statistics show that a vehicle traveling at 55MPH will achieve up to 15% better fuel economy than the same vehicle traveling at 65 MPH. Traveling the speed limit saves you on fuel and can also make the road a safer place. 

Turn engine off- Unless you know your car is going to move within about 30 seconds, turn off your engine to improve gas mileage. Idling for longer than 30 seconds wastes fuel. 

Use navigation- Using a navigation system can improve your fuel economy because you are then less likely to take a longer route or get lost. If your car doesn’t have one then you can, of course, come see us to fix that!      

Regular maintenance that improves gas efficiency


Car Maintenance- When you service your car regularly, it will operate at peak efficiency. For example, old spark plugs won’t make optimal use of fuel, nor will dirty air and fuel filters. It’s estimated that new oxygen sensor alone can increase gas mileage up to 15%. 

Clean out the trunk- Even though it may seem silly when your trunk is packed full of things it adds weight to your car. Any extra weight your vehicle carries can reduce the fuel economy. 

Thanks For Reading! 

There are many other ways to improve the fuel mileage of your vehicle, but another good way is to come into McCloskey Motors and see what hybrid or fuel friendly vehicles we have on our lot. Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for more. 




April 20, 2018