Preview Of The Denver Auto Show Only With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

We here at McCloskey Motors had the great honor of being apart of the Denver Auto Show Preview Gala. This was an amazing way to see a preview of some of the new models and to see some cars you won’t see on a normal day! 

The Cars 

This awesome event showcases cars from all makes and models and some that haven’t been released like this Toyota Land Cruiser prototype car! 

But that wasn’t even the coolest car there! They had everything from Fiat, USSV, Jeep, Nissan, Ferrari, and McLaren! This is was truly an honor and privilege to attend.  Check out these cool cars we saw! 

Custom Cars 

And most people think that auto shows only showcase new cars! well, we were pleasantly surprised to see some custom cars there like this Nissan 350Z with snow tracks on it. Making it the ultimate Colorado companion. 

Since we do love our trucks here at McCloskey Motors we couldn’t pass up a photo op with these HUGE trucks! These are two trucks lifted up so high you may need a mini ladder to climb into them! Definitely, a cool car to see but it makes you wonder how it would drive?  


Thanks for reading

That is just some of the amazing vehicles we saw at this great event! So thanks for reading and be sure to come back next week for some more awesome content from the Big Joe Blog. 

April 6, 2018