What to bring with you when buying a car and why! From McCloskeyMotors in Colorado Springs.

What to Bring? 

Car buying is never a process that people what to go through, but us here at McCloskey Motors want to make it a little bit easier for you. So to answer the question above you need three critical things you need to buy a car. The most important thing to bring is an open mind. This is only one because people are often surprised with the newer models from different companies, so brand loyalty won’t always allow you to take full advantage of your car buying journey! 

1. Drivers license

The first thing on our list here is your driver’s license. This is critical because without this there is no way to test drive your new car! And nobody would buy a car without driving it, the driver’s licenses also help car dealerships and banks to prove that you are yourself and that it isn’t someone trying to use your information. The common term for this is SVID or Secure and Verifiable Identification

2. Proof of income or a job letter 

The next thing you are going to need is Proof of Income this is so that we can give the bank an exact number of your income so they can better determine the terms of your loan. You may be wondering, “what about if I just started my job? Then what?” Well, good news you can have your companies payroll person write you a job letter stating what your start date is and what you are expected to make, this will act just like your paystubs. If you don’t have any of these don’t worry sometimes you can also bring in three months of paystubs to act as proof of income! There is an option for anyone in any situation! 

3. Proof of Residence

The third and last thing you’ll need to buy a car is proof of residence and this is the easiest  of the three cause everyone gets junk mail or some sort of mail to the place where they live. And it really is that easy all you need is any piece of mail that was sent to your place of residence with your name and address displayed somewhere on it. This is very important because this gives the bank an address to register the car to and this helps the dealership calculate your taxes.

In Conclusion those are the three things you need to buy a car. And what better place to buy that car than McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs with over 300 different types of vehicle in stock. We are certainly your one stop shop. 


December 15, 2017