Halloween Haunted Houses in Colorado Springs!

Happy Halloween 

Hello, are you trying to plan a true night of fright and horror in the Colorado Springs Area for Halloween? Then we here at McCloskey Motors have you covered in this article we are going to tell you all the haunted houses to see this year! 

Haunted Mines

First, we will start with my personal favorite! The Haunted Mines of Colorado, located just north of the Springs off North Gate BLVD.  This awesome haunted house is hosted by a local museum for mining. The Haunted Mines is a volunteer charitable organization raising money for the pike’s peak region! This year their theme is the Colorado Fear Fest! The Colorado Fear Fest is held in the southeast parking lot of the Chapel Hills Mall! This event only held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in October. But the good news is that on the week of Halloween they will be open Sunday Night, Monday night, and Tuesday night! So be sure to come see this awesome event!


Hellscream Haunted House and Escape Rooms 

There is also the legendary Hellscream  Haunted House! This haunted house is now not only one of the scariest in the state and midwest but now in all of the nation! This intense, cutting-edge, Multistory,  Multi attraction haunted event has thrilled and terrified visitors for 6 years. Regularly gaining the attention from the media like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and the Colorado Springs Gazette. Hellscream is known for its custom movie quality Speical Effects, amazing actors, unique themes, and extremely detailed sets. Don’t miss out on one of Americas best-haunted houses. 

That’s all Folks 

Thanks for reading or short article about some of the local haunted houses here in Colorado Springs! And be sure you show up in style, so come see us today off of North Academy BLVD! 

October 30, 2017