Nitro Circus Live comes to Colorado Springs!

Nitro Circus is Here! 

Do you want to spend a night watching the most exciting action sports show around? Well if you live in or near Colorado Springs it is your lucky weekend! Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus crew are in town and ready to give you the show of a lifetime!

Come and watch as the best athletes in many different sports put on a jaw dropping show right here in Colorado Springs! Also, they have all sorts of differents things to showcase from Motorbikes to scooters, and trust us you have never seen scootering like this before! Where is this awesome event going down you may be asking! Well, just a short drive down Powers to the Security Service Field home of our Colorado Sky Sox’s! This event is only happening tonight at 6 p.m gates open and the show starts at 7 p.m! And to see this amazing event can cost only $20! Be sure to come and see these guys and their truly amazing show! 

August 25, 2017