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subaru forester

Type: Compact SUV / Crossover

Drive: All Wheel Drive (AWD)

The Subaru Forester is essentially a tall station wagon with AWD. Forester emerged as an option to small SUV competitors like the Toyota RAV 4 and Honda CRV. Forester offers buyers the rugged style of a traditional SUV along with carlike ride and performance characteristics. Based on the rally-proven Impreza platform, the Forester uses the same AWD system found in other Subaru models.

Thanks to its car-based foundation, the Subaru Forester has historically handled better than the average SUV. Superior fuel economy, epic reliability, and sure handling in inclement driving conditions, are what make this and all Subarus one of the most desirable vehicles in the mountain states region, year over year.


subaru impreza

Type: Compact / Economy Car

Drive: All Wheel Drive

The Impreza is Subaru's entry level car, and as a compact / economy car is one of the only cars that features all-wheel drive, standard. The Impreza is available in 2 and 4 door sedan or 5-door hatchback (or wagon) models. Building a small, reliable and inexpensive all-wheel drive is Subaru's calling-card and trademark that has carved unique place for Subaru in the automotive world, and here in Colorado. With few worthy competitors to choose from, Subaru's hold their value very well here in the mountain states because they perform so well, and last so long.

An investment in a pre-owned all wheel drive Subaru, especially here in Colorado, may require a bit more of a financial commitment, but will pay off in the long run. Not only does the buyer get one of the best and most sophisticated all-wheel drives on the market, but one internet search for a used Subaru will hold testament that Subarus tend to last a long time, AND hold their value extremely well, even up to 200,000 miles or more.

Impreza WRX

subaru wrx

Type: Compact Sports Sedan / Wagon

Drive: All Wheel Drive

Subaru is committed to racing its cars in the environments for which they were created in order to continually improve the performance and reliability of its cars. Subaru is one of the few vehicle companies, besides the makers of exotic cars such as Porsche and Ferrari, to directly apply that research and development into their mass-market offerings.

The Impreza WRX line is the direct descendant of Subaru's most recent racing successes, particularly in the World Rally Championship (WRC), where entries must navigate a variety of surfaces, altitudes, and weather conditions. The consumer gets the benefit of these successes in a car that excels in as many categories as any car ever has including on and off-road performance, reliability, safety, fun, design, convenience, fuel economy and re-sale value.


subaru legac

Type: Mid Sized Sedan / Wagon

Drive: All Wheel Drive

The Legacy is Subaru's longest running model in the U.S. with over two decades of successful cars delivering all-wheel drive capability to those who want a safe, no-hassle, winter-busting car. At the same time, the Subaru also manages to be sporty, practical, and fun to drive.

At the heart of the Legacy is a fuel efficient 'boxer' style horizontally opposed 4 cylinder motor that has proven a very reliable power plant and Subaru's industry leading all-wheel drive system. The GT line gets many of the racing upgrades that the Impreza WRX line gets, including a turbo making almost 100hp more than the stock motor, but in a slightly larger and more family friendly platform than the compact Impreza.

As stated above, purchasing a quality pre-owned all-wheel drive is an investment that pays off not only as you own and drive the vehicle, but also in re-sale value in the rare event that you and your Subaru part ways.


subaru outback

Type: Mid Sized Wagon/Crossover SUV

Drive: All Wheel Drive

Subaru's Outback created/defined the SUV Crossover market niche when it was designed for buyers who wanted SUV-like roominess and off-road capabilities combined with car-like ride and safety. In earlier models, the differences between the Outback and regular Legacy models are more subtle, but as owners discovered and began to praise the enhanced off-road refinements of the Outback, Subaru responded by taking the vehicle even further in that direction; eventually spinning the vehicle off the Legacy line into its own line known simply as the Subaru Outback.

Most Outbacks get a derivative of Subaru's trademark 4 cylinder boxer style engines with available turbo on XT models. A much larger, 4th generation Outback introduced in 2010 offers an optional 6 cylinder boxer motor to help improve the power-to-weight ratio of the larger vehicle.

The SUV Crossover segment has been so successful that almost every auto maker from Porsche, to Mazda, to Chevrolet, has tried to duplicate the popularity of the Subaru, but few have matched it. Subaru has been making all-wheel drives for the American market for decades and that reputation and experience continues to serve Subaru and Subaru owners very well.

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