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porsche boxster

Type: 2 seat Sports Car

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive

In the late 1990s, Porsche introduced the Boxster, a much needed entry level model for the Porsche brand. The Boxster's mid-frame mounted flat 6 cylinder engine, refined handling, and classic 2 seat convertible design was quickly adopted by Porsche enthusiasts as a true Porsche, befitting a long tradition of pure driving excellence. Given this, the Boxster quickly became a best-seller in an ever-growing field of 2 seat convertibles, despite it's higher price.

Depreciation has put many pre-owned Boxsters squarely within the reach of sports car enthusiasts who may have thought they would never have the opportunity to own a late model Porsche, prior to it's introduction. In short, the Boxster has successfully reinvigorated the Porsche brand, delivering exotic-car performance and driving experience, at an affordable price.


porsche cayenne

Type: Mid Sized Luxury SUV / Crossover

Drive: All Wheel Drive

First came the SUV, then the luxury SUV, and then Porsche invented its own niche in the market, the performance luxury SUV. The Porsche Cayenne has proven to be an appealing mutation, pairing real-world functionality with out-of-this-world performance. Many were surprised when Porsche threw its proverbial hat into the SUV ring with introduction of the the Porsche Cayenne. But given the Alpine terrain of its country of origin, few might be surprised this midsize luxury SUV has proven itself worthy of the Porsche name over the course of two generations.

The really surprising part about the Cayenne is it's driving characteristics. With its all-wheel-drive system, responsive steering and massive brakes, the Porsche Cayenne demonstrates an agility and dexterity around corners befitting a modern sports sedan. Several engines are offered, including V8, V6, and a hybrid. The Cayenne is one of the best luxury SUVs you can get.

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