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pontiac g6

Type: Mid Sized Sedan

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

The Pontiac G6 replaced the Pontiac Grand Am as the brand's midsize sedan. Updated body styling and upgraded performance from a V6 engine gave Pontiac a much needed boost in popularity in recent years. A retractable-hardtop convertible as well as 2-door coupe models added fun and versatility to the lineup, but the most common and popular seller was the 4 door, 5 passenger sedan.

The G6 tends to be a good value for pre-owned buyers because although Pontiac's parent company, General Motors (GM), recently ended the Pontiac brand, GM continues to support Pontiac models in parts & service.

Grand Am

pontiac grand am

Type: Mid Sized Sedan

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

The Pontiac Grand Am was Pontiac's mid sized sedan for many years until it was replaced by the G6 sedan (see above). Carrying on Pontiac's long-standing reputation for building quality family sedans with sporting appeal, the Grand Am offered front wheel drive, enough room for four adults, and great styling. Both 2 door and 4 door coupe models were available as well as choice of both 4 and 6 cylinder engines. The underrated Grand Am remains a great buy for used car buyers looking for a solid value at a low cost.

Grand Prix

pontiac grand prix

Type: Full Sized SUV

Drive: Rear & Available Four Wheel Drive

The Pontiac Grand Prix offers a full sized family coupe or sedan, with the performance of a traditional sports sedan. The Grand Prix has the availability of a V6 engine or a more powerful V8--something not offered by competitors like Nissan, Honda, and Toyota.

The Grand Prix is a good choice for a family vehicle for those who want the most performance for their dollar. The last-generation Pontiac Grand Prix benefited from a refined engine lineup, fine-tuned ride and handling characteristics, and a more driver-friendly cockpit. Like other Pontiacs, the Gran Prix is a superior bargain and worthy of a comparison test-drive in any used car search.

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