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300z / 350z / 370z

nissan z

Type: Sports Coupe

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive

Very few of the millions of fuel station busting economy cars Japan has brought to America have ever achieved icon status, but the Nissan Z line of sports coupes has done it and done it many times over. Through seven generations of Z cars, starting with the 240z in the early 1970's, Nissan has produced a quality, affordable sports coupe for the masses, with the Z line. Superb performance matched with Japanese quality and reliability has proven an unbeatable sales driving combination, even through years where sports cars took second seat in terms of status, to the luxury SUV craze that hit the U.S in the 1990's.


nissan altima

Type: Mid Sized Sedan

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

The Nissan Altima started out as a slightly larger than economy sized sedan and has evolved through 4 generations to a handsome, spacious, comfortable and well appointed, family sedan and genuine competitor to the more upscale Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Compared to those cars Nissan has always come out on top on the performance category, as well as on price. It is a formula that has kept Nissan in most buyers' top-of-mind awareness when it comes fulfilling a desire to find the best car value available.

A gas-saving 4 cylinder motor and a more performance oriented V6 are offered. Front wheel drive gives the car positive steering, handling, and acceleration as well as some versatility in challenging weather situations when equipped properly with snow tires.


nissan armada

Type: Full Sized SUV

Drive: Rear & Available Four Wheel Drive

Nissan's Full Size SUV is known for its V8 brutish power and towing capacity as well as its nimble character and creature comforts, despite its large size.

Buyers can choose from three trim levels. The base SV , offers side-step rails, dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors and rear-seat air conditioning. The SL adds 20-inch wheels, an auto-leveling rear suspension, a tow package and leather upholstery, while the Platinum level includes front parking sensors, a power liftgate, a sunroof, power-folding mirrors, heated front seats/steering wheel, driver memory functions, a DVD entertainment system, and a navigation system with music storage

In many ways this large SUV could be considered a luxury SUV with its stadium-style 7-passenger seating, and quiet, smooth ride.


nissan frontier

Type: Mid Sized Pickup Truck

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive and available 4 Wheel Drive

Nissan has been bringing its small pickup truck to America for decades. The latest version is called the Frontier and the most current edition of the Frontier has been upgraded to the mid-sized pickup truck class. The truck has been so popular in the American market, it is now built in America.

Bigger and more powerful, the modern mid-sized pickup trucks from companies such as Nissan, Toyota, and Suzuki are nothing short of many luxury SUVs on the inside; indestructible, unstoppable, functional haulers off-road and in inclement weather; and sports sedan-like cruisers on pavement. Given all of these attributes, it is easy to understand Nissan Frontier's broad appeal for blue-collar working applications, all the way to being a top choice in the dependable family hauler category.

The many configurations of the Frontier add to this appeal. Extended (King Cab) and crew-cab (4 Door / 4 passenger), with all modern amenities are available. The Nissan Frontier is generally priced less than the slightly more popular Toyota Tacoma, making it a better value for those buyers who take the time to compare the two both in statistical analysis and with a test-drive.

Reviewers laud the Nissan Frontier's rugged capabilities, easy-to-drive nature, and surprisingly quick acceleration.


nissan maxima

Type: Mid Sized Sports Sedan

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

The Nissan Maxima has been smartly and accurately marketed as the "Four Door Sports Car". This spacious family sedan created its own niche in a crowded field of mid-sized sedans sold in America, with its strong emphasis on performance. The Maxima successfully bridges the gap between the steady and reliable Camry and Accord and the more upscale and refined European sports sedans.

The Maxima forced Toyota and Honda to offer more performance in their sedans, while bringing serious challenge to the notion that BMW, Mercedes, or Audi engineering was unbeatable. Combined with a price that is far less than the European bahn-stormers, and right inline with its more 'boring' Japanese counterparts, the Maxima also offers Nissan's impeccable reputation for reliability and quality.


nissan murano

Type: Mid Sized SUV Crossover

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

The Nissan Murano was one of the first midsize crossovers introduced. Thanks to its carlike ride, spacious interior, powerful V6 engine and distinctive styling, the Murano was an instant hit. All models are available in either front- or all-wheel drive. A 3.5-liter V6 good for 265 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque puts its power to the pavement through a continuously variable transmission (CVT)

The Murano is offered in four trim levels. The base S model is reasonably well-equipped, including dual-zone automatic climate control and a six-CD changer. The SV adds features like a panoramic sunroof and rearview camera, and the SL trim offers leather upholstery. The top-of-the-line LE offers as standard just about every option on the Murano's list.

A strong V6 engine derived from the Maxima and 370Z sports car is at the heart of Murano's appeal. Sharp handling characteristics and styling round out the vehicles best features making it a great choice for buyers seeking great value in a used SUV crossover.


nissan pathfinder

Type: Mid Sized SUV

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive and available All Wheel Drive

The Nissan Pathfinder, introduced in the late 1980s is one of the iconic vehicles that helped define and lead an entire class of vehicles, the modern Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Throughout its several generations, the Nissan Pathfinder has remained first and foremost a truck with strong off-road and towing capabilities. While any SUV's in Pathfinder's sales class evolved into softer, more refined boulevard cruisers, Nissan chose to simply add the interior, safety, and on-road refinements that still fit within its truck oriented origins.

This has helped the Pathfinder walk the walk, rather than talk the talk, of most of its competition's claims as a split personality vehicle that doubles as both a suburban family runabout and macho, rugged rock crawler. More recent Pathfinders feature a fold-flat third-row seat, powerful V6 and V8 engines and a towing capacity up to 7,000 pounds.

Truck 4WD

nissan truck

Type: Small Pickup Truck

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive and available 4 Wheel Drive

Nissan called its small Pickup Truck of the late 1980s and early 1999s simply the "Nissan Truck". It also became known as the "Hardbody" Truck. With many thousands still in operation it is one of Nissan's heartiest and most reliable vehicles ever offered in North America.

Multiple configuration combinations including Front Wheel and 4 Wheel Drive, regular and extended cab, short and long beds, 4 and 6 cylinder engines have rounded out the line.

Buyers tout the Hardbody Pickup Truck's rugged off-road capacities, great fuel economy, reliability, and low overall cost of operation, as the reasons for which they buy the truck, and also for why they tend to keep the truck well beyond the national average length of ownership for any vehicle. In short, having a small, capable truck like the Nissan, is a valuable asset to both active families and small business owners alike.


nissan xterra

Type: Mid Sized SUV

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive and available 4 Wheel Drive

As competition among the Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota 4Runner, Ford Explorer and other mid-sized SUV's grew more fierce, manufacturers responded by adding more and more features to these popular models. As a result, the price of those models rose right along with demand.

Nissan accurately recognized that some buyers, particularly those less interested in luxury and more interested in off-road capability and durability, were being priced out of the SUV category--or simply left out altogether.

Nissan responded brilliantly by creating an entry level, mid-sized SUV, the Nissan Xterra. While other manufacturers chose to go smaller with their entry level SUV's, Nissan's Xterra is large enough to remain the in mid-sized class, but carry a small SUV sized price.

Xterra is a rugged, if spartan, off-road vehicle that looks every bit the adventurous part it plays in the automotive world. Xterra is a no-nonsense, high-utility, go-anywhere vehicle that relies primarily on solid build quality, which translates into confidence-inspiring peace of mind.

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