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infiniti fx35

Type: Mid-Sized Performance / Luxury SUV / Crossover

Drive: Rear Wheel Drive and optional All Wheel Drive

The Infiniti FX-35 falls into the unique, yet growing, category of vehicles known as a Performance / Luxury SUV. Based on the Nissan's 350z sports car platform, which shares lineage with the Infinity G series sports coupes and sedans, the FX-35 delivers unparalleled performance in all weather situations, as well as high-class luxury and safety, at a sane price level.

Buyers love its over-the-top styling, and creature comforts like heated and cooled front seats, and high-tech features for both entertainment (Bluetooth streaming audio, digital music storage), safety (blind-spot warning, lane-departure warning) and protecting your bumpers (parking sensors, multicamera parking assist).

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