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honda accord

Type: Mid Sized Sedan

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

One of the most respected vehicles in America over the last 30 years is the Honda Accord. Simply stated, the Accord offers what most drivers want out of their daily transportation: comfortable, roomy, intelligently engineered and easy to drive. With a solid reputation for reliability, the Accord is not only a top selling new car, strong resale value make it a popular choice as a pre-owned purchase as well.

What's special about the Honda Accord is its completeness. It scores well in every category, not just a few. When examined from a holistic standpoint, it's easy to see why car has become an automotive icon and a top ten vale ranking year after year.


honda civic

Type: Compact / Economy Car

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

Launched in 1973, the Honda Civic has been one of the most popular compact cars sold in America for almost 40 years. With what is probably the most impressive reputation for reliability and lowest running costs of any car, combined with high fuel economy, lively performance, and safety, the Honda Civic appeals to a wide range of buyers, from those seeking dependable, hassle-free transportation, to tuners and customizers who buy the Civic simply for its sport styling and performance edge.

The Civic's long production run has spawned a wide range of models from the 4-door sedan pictured above, to 2-door hatchback and coupe models.


honda element

Type: Small Sized SUV

Drive: Front Wheel Drive and optional All Wheel Drive

Honda built its reputation in large part on utilitarian qualities, all of which have been combined into one quintessentially "Honda" vehicle, the "Honda Element". This small to medium sized SUV is one of the most distinctive and useful shapes on the road.

Opening both side doors creates an extra-large opening through which you can easily load passengers or bulky cargo. The rear tailgate lowers like a pickup truck's, and is split from the rear window which raises, again allowing for large cargo items to fit easily inside. For passengers, the interior seating of the Element provides plenty of visibility and legroom and can be configured in multiple ways. With the rear seats removed, you've got an impressive 75 cubic feet of cargo space to play with.

On the road, the Honda Element has smooth four-cylinder power, crisp and balanced handling, and optional all-wheel-drive traction.


honda odyssey

Type: Mini Van

Drive: Front Wheel Drive

Since it was introduced, the Honda Odyssey minivan has been a best selling vehicle in its crowded vehicle class. Featuring a spacious cabin and a third-row seat that folds into the floor, Honda seems committed to bringing more and more useful innovations to the segment.

Like the Honda Accord and Honda's other popular models, the Honda Odyssey scores well in every safety, reliability and performance category, which is why Honda Odyssey comes out on top of almost every comparison test performed by the automotive press.

Late model Honda Odysseys are powered by a 248-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and have front wheel drive. This is the same motor that powers the Accord and combined with its handling attributes and uni-body construction, the Honda Odyssey surprises and delights automotive reviewers and drivers alike.

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