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Lifetime Warranty at McCloskey Imports & 4x4's

McCloskey Truck Town and McCloskey Imports Lifetime Powertrain Warranty!

Buying a car, truck, van or SUV is a major decision. When you buy at McCloskey Truck Town or McCloskey Imports most every gasoline engine vehicle that is 5 years and newer, less than 80,000 miles, ( of course excluding exotics, diesels, performance and altered vehicles) comes with McCloskey’s Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. Which means McCloskey will warranty your vehicle's engine, transmission, transfer case and differential for as long as you own your McCloskey car or truck!

With McCloskey’s Lifetime Powertrain Warranty you can buy with confidence because you have protection from costly powertrain repairs as long as you own the vehicle.

This is the best warranty in the pre-owned business and it is a very viable benefit.

Some customers and some may think it's too good to be true, well it's real and I want to share some facts with you. There's only one requirement to maintain the coverage of your Lifetime Powertrain Warranty and it's very simple. You must service and maintain your vehicle following the manufacturer's recommendation. Nothing more nothing less.

You can have this service performed at any licensed repair facility. It is important to keep your receipt. If your service work is done here at McCloskey Motors, we will maintain the records for you. No extra Services required.

When you decide to purchase at McCloskey Truck Town or McCloskey Imports & 4x4’s, you will receive a written insurance contract for your lifetime powertrain warranty. Why buy new when you can save thousands on a pre-owned vehicle and receive the best warranty in the car business. That’s why we are the only Independent Dealer in the nation to ever be awarded the Better Business Excellence in Customer Service Award 3 years in a row!