This is a beautiful 1996 Ford F-350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel 4WD, with the Centurion Package. What makes this truck rare and one of a kind is that it is in amazing condition. I believe it is still the original factory plastic over the rear carpet from Ford. You will be hard pressed to find another truck like it; in fact, I am certain you will not. I have owned this truck for 3 years and it has been a wonderful project for me. I am selling it now because of my expanding family. I wanted to restore it to as close to factory new condition that I could. All the work that has been done on the truck, when possible, had the parts replaced with a Factory Ford parts, or a refurbished used Ford
Parts. The work that was done on the truck was done by one of two highly trusted diesel mechanics. The quality and work that went into this is unmatched. In the process I have spent over $16500.00 on mechanical work alone, including;

 Water pump
 Fuel pump
 Front locking hubs
 Brakes
 MAF sensor
 LED clearance lights (Lund did not make the original, had to go LED)
 Ignition switch rack
 Radiator hose
 Thermostat
 Idler pulley
 Glow plugs with valve cover gaskets and harness
 Brake vacuum warning switch
 Block heater
 New Cooper tires
 Mickey Thompson wheels
 Fuel Heater
 CAM and Vacuum Sensor
 Horn assembly
 Cruise Control Switch
 Exhaust Tailpipe, and Catalytic Converter
 Right Rear Window Motor
 Axel Seals
 Tie Rods
 Drag Links
 All fluids and filters replaced

This does not include other work done such as keeping the appearance of the vehicle up, and stereo system, alarm, etc. There is a covertly installed stereo system in the truck with Hertz speakers, sub and sub box, bass control knob, and Bluetooth, which is all run through the original head unit as to not take away the aesthetics of the interior of the cab. You can not tell that it is anything other than factory until you turn it on.

A little history of the truck is here as a quote from one of the original sellers. You can find the original posting if you search hard enough “A lifelong friend bought this new. Then my brother bought it from that guy about 5 years ago. Since new, it’s always been parked inside never smoked in never sat dirty. Not driven in winter snow or ice. It hasn’t been wrecked or repainted. There’s no rust. It’s excellent. You just don’t find
vehicles like these very often.” I purchased it from a guy who knew these people.

What I know does not work on the truck
 The radar detector installed by Centurion; it turns on but does not work.
 The CB radio turns on, but I cannot find an antenna for it
 One of the map lights
 Rearview mirror compass and temperature

On the Auto check 8/6/2018 there is:

This was caused by hail but all of it was able to come out with PDR work. The truck was not reskinned or repainted. By looking at the truck you could not tell that there has been hail damage. This truck runs great and has all the power to pull what you want. Everything works on the truck except what I
listed. It is NOT chipped. I like to have my vehicles in as close to factory condition as possible. That was my goal with this, and I have achieved it. Keep in mind when you do buy this truck it is a 23-year-old diesel truck, there may be problems that I am not aware of yet. With that said when there was an issue with the truck, I did fix it.

Options installed from Centurion:
 Nose Guard, (still have it, not in great shape, no longer on the truck)
 Power seat
 Leather seat upgrade
 Power sleeper sofa
 Deep tint glass (removed and new tint put on)
 Prince mirror compass and temperature (compass and temp work intermittently)
 Radar detector (does not work)
 Security system keyless entry (removed and replaced)
 Overhead console with CB radio (radio turns on, no antenna)
 Cab spoiler (still have and removed I did not like the way it looked)
 Front down spoiler with driving lights
 Austin paint scheme

Options from Ford
 Air conditioning
 Cruise
 Am/Fm radio (has been upgraded as described above)
 Chrome appearance package
 7.3L Powerstroke
 Power locks and windows
 4.10 limited slip axle
 Camper package
 Low-mount swing away mirrors
 4wd

This is the cleanest Ford you will find. You will not be disappointed in buying this. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history, it is truly a truck you can drive, and enter into shows if you wanted. One thing is for sure once this is gone, you will not be able to find another one.

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