Valentine’s Day is a great time to show that special someone just how much you care! In this post, we are going to help outline some of the best gifts that you can give someone from right here at McCloskey Motors!

1. Auto Detailing!

We all spend a lot of time in our vehicles; we commute to work, drive to events, and use our cars to stay out of the cold! So why not give the special someone in your life a vehicle detailing package from The McCloskey Appearance Center? We will have their car shining brighter than they have ever seen it before!

2. A McCloskey Service Booklet!

During the year, parts and pieces on our vehicles break, leaving us to either foot the bill for the repair or just leave it broken. Well, a McCloskey Service Booklet can help with that! We have over $1,200 in savings in this book! These include oil changes, tire rotation, and even free diagnostics!

3. Paint Touch-up!

The Colorado winter is harsh on the paint and overall appearance of our vehicle. Bring it to the amazing team that we have at The McCloskey Appearance Center for a buff, wax, and paint touch-up package that will have them wishing they had it done years ago!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about great Valentine’s Day gifts! Be sure to come and see what amazing gift we can help you get that special someone in your life! For more awesome content be sure to check back weekly and of course be sure to check us out on YouTube for The McCloskey Motivational Minute!

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