National Car Care Month Is In Full Swing!


The Car Care Council supports two months each year to bring attention to the importance of car care and preventive maintenance. The months for National Car Care Month are April in the spring and October in the fall. 

But Why April? 

April is when winter comes to an end, so its time to get your vehicle ready for spring driving and summer vacations!   The point of National Car Care Month is to bring awareness to the issues that may impact your spring fun or just ones you ignored during the winter. This could be as easy as an oil change and fluid top off, or as serious as a faulty air conditioning unit. 

Risks of Spring 

You may be wondering why spring is a good month for this event. Well, springtime driving brings its own risks as there is more rain meaning more wet roads. Therefore you need to be sure your tires can wick away the standing water, your brakes can stop you in any condition, and that your windshield wipers are working and don’t impair your vision in a harsh weather environment.  

Other Car Care Needs To Consider

Most people know or are aware that spring time also means spring cleaning! And the same rule should applied to your car. That mean getting it a good cleaning. And the good news is here at McCloskey Motors we offer all the services you need to take full advantage of Car Care Month! You can start you car off for a tune up in one of our service shops then bring it to the McCloskey Auto Spa for a clean that will have you loving your old car like new again!

What We Can Offer! 

Our detail packages include interior vacuuming, and shampooing, wipe down of all surfaces, and cleaning and dressing the dash and all other interior surfaces. And that’s just the inside, on the outside we hand wash and dry the car, apply Wax to all painted surfaces and detail the tire and rims! And mush more can be added such as buffing, and paint touch-up! 

Thanks for reading and be sure to come to McCloskey Motors for all of your car care needs! And always keep your car running in top shape!  

April 17, 2018